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Stategic Marketing Using SEO

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical proccess that is performed on a website to generate an increase in organic visitors. Using SEO, you can target specifically what kind of visitors will visit your website. When a person makes a search in a search engine, that search engine scans data through-out the internet to find what it thinks the user might want to see. The problem with a website that isn't optimized, is that a search engine may not know how to pull data from that website. With an indexed website, search engines will find results down to the very page that specific content lives.


On-Site SEO

We will match keywords already used on your website and create back-links, making it easier for search engines to match data with user queries. This makes content on your website more valuable, directing the right audience to you.


This file will help bots or web crawlers index data through-out your website.

SERP Indexing

Search Engine Results Page (SERP), is the spot where your website is listed on a... you guessed it, search engine result. While we index each page specifically according to the data that it contains, this will give a little customization to your websites SERP. So if a user is looking for make-up, and you sell make-up, a SERP will show up describing the make-up you sell. If you have a blog about eyeliner, the same will happen and so on...

Webmaster Tools

You will be provided with the tools to manage your websites SEO statistics, right from your businesses Google account.

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